"As a builder, you have a lot of responsibility.
This also applies to the climate."

Here we keep you informed about new projects that have been implemented with KIBECO building materials and with the help of KIBECO services. These projects should therefore be regarded as shining examples of environmentally friendly construction.

New forester's lodge for the Holzkorporation Zollikon

The Holzkorporation Zollikon is getting a new forester's house. The forester's house, planned and built by Heer Architektur GmbH , sets new standards in the field of sustainability. The shell will be built between November 2021 and March 2022. In addition to wood as the main material, KIBECO concrete is used for the concrete components. Almost 2.5 tons of CO2 are permanently bound in the process.

2.5 t
CO2 stored/removed

New construction of residential buildings in Horgen

At Seestrasse 7-9 in Horgen ZH, two new residential buildings with a total of 19 apartments are currently being built. The civil engineering work will be completed in May 2020, after which construction will begin. In total, approx. 2,000 m3 of KIBECO concrete will be used, thus saving around 20 tonnes of CO2 or permanently bound in the building. The move-in date is dated summer 2022.

20 t
CO2 stored/removed

New housing estate in Zurich

A new housing estate with around 157 apartments is currently being built at Zwischenbächen in Zurich. In addition to additional communal and multi-purpose rooms, the project also provides for a double kindergarten. A total of approx. 14'500 m3 of KIBECO concrete will be used. The first stage is scheduled for completion in November 2023.

145 t
CO2 stored/removed

VBZ builds with KIBECO

At the third stage of the Römerhofplatz track construction site, we were able to celebrate another premiere together with the Zurich transport company: For the first time, KIBECO building materials were used in the course of a track cut.

Around 100 m3 of KIBECO gravel mixture was used, which binds about the same amount of CO2 as an average car emits over 14'000 km.

1.2 t
CO2 stored/removed

Urban residential and commercial property Mythenquai

In Zurich's Mythenquai district, a townhouse is being built on the Franz AG site that combines urbanity and lifestyle. A total of 68 rental apartments and business premises will be built. For this project, 8'800 m3 of KIBECO concrete will be used, which will allow 88 tons of CO2 to be stored.

88 t
CO2 stored/removed

New construction project «BELLIS» in Effretikon

KIBECO is allowed to support another project regarding sustainable building materials. A residential and commercial development with 44 apartments, commercial and office space as well as business apartments are being built in the centre of Effretikon. The "BELLIS" project is very much in the field of sustainable and ecological construction, which is why 7,500 m3 of our environmentally friendly KIBECO concrete will also be used.

75 t
CO2 stored/removed

Replacement building in eco-living style

A replacement building is currently being built at Bucheggstrasse 130 and 132, which is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023. In addition to the better use of the property, the focus of the project is also on the sustainability of the planning, as well as the materials and energy sources used. This includes, among other things, the use of approx. 1'650 m3 of our sustainable KIBECO concrete. A total of 24 apartments in eco-living style will thus be realized.

16.5 t
CO2 stored/removed

Zwhatt, Regensdorf

In Zwhatt in Regensdorf, 630 rental apartments and 15'000 m2 of commercial space are currently being built. The focus is not only on sustainability in terms of energy supply, but also in construction. A total of 2000 m3 of our maximally sustainable KIBECO concrete will be used by 2030. This saves about 20 tons of CO2.


20 t
CO2 stored/removed