Cleancrete© – the first cement-free concrete for non-load-bearing components and floors

KIBECO Nossim – the perfect alternative to structural concrete for non-load-bearing components and floors

In order for the construction sector to make its contribution to achieving the climate targets, it needs a rethink and alternative building materials. The concrete, with its load-bearing properties, will not be so easy to replace. But alternative building materials can be used where components do not have to have static properties.

Imagine if there were a concrete that does not require cement, which contributes to maximum recyclability and makes construction more climate-friendly. Imagine if this concrete didn't even require a rethink on the construction site, because it is produced and processed in exactly the same way as conventionally produced concrete. Thanks to KIBECO Nossim, this beautiful idea becomes reality.

KIBECO Nossim was developed by the innovative ETH spin-off Oxara and is being further developed together with KIBECO. The normative foundations are currently being worked out and standardized. However, KIBECO Nossim concrete is already available for lighthouse projects and has already been used in first projects to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Advantages of KIBECO Nossim concrete at a glance:

  • No energy is required for the production of the aggregates and enables a minimal CO2 footprint
  • An alternative building material to concrete
  • Ideally suited for components without static properties and floors
  • The processing of KIBECO Nossim is identical to conventional concretes
  • Currently under development and already available for lighthouse projects

Possible uses of KIBECO Nossim

KIBECO Nossim Flooring

For floor coverings without static requirements. Thanks to its natural properties, KIBECO Nossim has a positive influence on the indoor climate and has excellent insulation values. The surface is sealed with natural wax products and is water-resistant.

KIBECO Nossim Hybrid

Hybrid construction methods are becoming more and more important. Due to fire protection regulations and requirements for sound insulation, KIBECO Nossim is ideally suited in combination with wood.

KIBECO Nossim Walls

Partition walls without load-bearing properties can easily be made of KIBECO Nossim.

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