KIBECO – a touchpoint for
innovative start-ups

The KIBECO Forum is the KIBAG touchpoint for innovative start-ups looking for a reliable and established partner in the building materials industry. Contact us!


In order to achieve the 2050 climate targets, new strategies and business models are needed. The KIBECO Forum provides a venue for innovative thinking and acts as a reliable partner for young companies and aspiring start-ups that develop sustainable products and services for the construction industry. In this way, synergies are exploited that allow KIBAG to take a more active role in promoting the circular economy. The focus is on reducing or avoiding CO2 emissions and on climate-friendly construction.

Creating value together

Companies increasingly have to convince their stakeholders that they stand for emotional values and create added value for customers and society – quite simply: we have to give our products a right to exist. Concrete is increasingly being criticized, and the megatrend of the climate crisis is more acute than ever. In order to achieve the climate targets, we must solve social problems sustainably and take responsibility. 

Together, because we are only one piece of a big puzzle, and because this is the only way we can turn things around. Thanks to the KIBECO platform with our partners, we benefit in several ways and create social and ecological values for a sustainable future.