KIBECO® – For a sustainable construction industry

KIBECO stands for environmentally friendly, innovative building materials and sustainable services. Under the name KIBECO, KIBAG develops and establishes long-term solutions to promote the circular economy and protect the climate, either independently or in cooperation with competent partners. For example, the most environmentally friendly Swiss concrete.

Find out more about KIBAG, Switzerland's largest family-owned company in the field of building materials production.


The KIBECO vision

KIBECO wants to make construction more environmentally friendly. With targeted measures, the development of innovative, climate-friendly building materials and a range of environmentally friendly services. We want to take on a pioneering role and, with a lot of commitment and creativity, not only show what would be possible, but actually do it ourselves.

Circular economy

We are aware of our responsibility. That is why KIBAG has long been committed to an efficient circular economy: By using raw materials efficiently and keeping them in circulation for as long as possible, we close energy and material cycles and minimize the production of waste and emissions as well as the use of primary resources. 

About 97% of materials delivered to our plants can be returned to the cycle. For example, by using the KIBECO building material as a permanent CO2 storage material, we can make the circular economy even more efficient.

Meet the Team

Together, we are implementing the vision of a climate-friendly construction industry.
There is a lot of know-how and drive behind the team.


(from left to right)

Marc Rohr – Head of Building Materials Technology
Philippe Peter – Head of Sales
Severine Oeschger – Project Assistant (Communication)
Monica Vogel – Project Manager (Communication)
Urs Fischer – Plant Manager
Matthias Brand – Project Manager Design
Adrian Müller – Regional Manager Zurich

Electric truck mixer – quiet, emission-free, reliable

With the receipt of our first all-electric truck mixer at the end of March 2021, we are setting a new and environmentally friendly standard in the field of concrete transportation with KIBECO. And thus further improve the CO2 balance of the building materials supplied.

What looks like a normal truck mixer from the outside is the result of years of development by the Winterthur-based company Designwerk, which builds and sells electric trucks in the weight classes from 18 to 40 tons under the brand name Futuricum. Since 2020, Designwerk has also been offering 5-axle vehicles as fully electric vehicles. Together with the development of the Liebherr company, the first all-electric truck mixer was created.

The 40-tons truck mixer with four motors transports large quantities of concrete to the construction site quietly, emission-free and reliably and is particularly well suited for a regional radius.
Energy recovery during braking increases the range of the truck. With a fully charged battery, a full working day can be completed without recharging. Thanks to the climate-friendly vehicle, around 30 tons of CO2 are saved every year.

Emission-free delivery of concrete
In this short article, you will learn more exciting details about our truck mixer, Designwerk and the Futuricum brand.

The first steps ...
In 9 pictures, you can see how a standard truck mixer is transformed into an all-electric truck mixer. Pretty impressive, we think.