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What is KIBECO®?

As a leading company in the Swiss construction industry, KIBAG believes it has a responsibility to have a positive influence on the climate policy of our and future generations. That is why we have launched a new brand, KIBECO, which is based on KIBAG's sustainability principle and addresses ecological, economic and social aspects. We focus on innovative solutions that we develop or take on ourselves and integrate them into our value creation process. With KIBECO, we offer a platform for start-ups and young companies that offer solutions for the construction industry in the area of circular economy and climate protection. KIBECO's aim is to lead the production of building materials into a new era and make a valuable contribution to achieving the 2050 climate targets.

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KIBECO – More than just a sustainability brand

KIBECO is not just a brand, KIBECO is also a platform. KIBECO offers a venue for innovative thinking and acts as a reliable partner for young companies and aspiring start-ups that develop sustainable products and services for the construction industry. In this way, synergies are exploited that allow KIBAG to take a more active role in promoting the circular economy. The focus is on reducing or avoiding CO2 emissions and on climate-friendly construction.

Are you a young entrepreneur looking for a reliable partner? Do you have an innovative idea for climate-friendly construction that you would like to develop further? Then contact us.

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KIBECO – Our Partners

Neustark is a spin-off of ETH Zurich founded in 2019 by young entrepreneurs. The company has developed an efficient solution that permanently and irreversibly stores CO2 in recycled concrete through carbonation. In cooperation with neustark, we commissioned our first mobile carbonation plant in the summer of 2022.

Oxara was founded in 2019 as an ETH spin-off. Oxara means "assembly and community" in Togolese. The company is convinced that a more sustainable construction industry offers great opportunities to create new value for the environment and society. Thanks to our collaboration, Cleancrete© was launched in 2022.

Tinamu Labs is an ETH spin-off that specialises in the automation of drone-based recordings in outdoor areas (e.g. storage areas) and indoor spaces (e.g. depot halls). In the process, information is transmitted to users in real time and processes are significantly simplified. Tinamu drones are regularly on the move at our recycling site in Regensdorf.

CombiFuel SWISS AG offers a new technology in the field of propulsion systems and emission reduction. In 2022, together with KIBAG, a 5-axle truck mixer with a conventional diesel engine was equipped with lower-emission liquefied petroleum gas and hydrogen-based engine operation.  This makes it the first in the world to feature the CombiFuelSystem.

KIBECO – More than circular economy

KIBAG is committed to sustainability and has been living the circular economy for a long time. For decades, our state-of-the-art recycling facilities have been using established processes to process construction waste into high-quality building materials. With KIBECO, we not only want to close further material cycles, but also set an example for climate protection.


New forester's lodge for the Holzkorporation Zollikon

The Holzkorporation Zollikon is getting a new forester's house. In addition to wood as the main material, KIBECO concrete is used for the concrete components. Almost 2.5 tons of CO2 are permanently bound in the process.

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New construction of residential buildings in Horgen

At Seestrasse 7-9 in Horgen ZH, two new residential buildings with a total of 19 apartments are currently being built.

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New housing estate in Zurich

A new housing estate with around 157 apartments is currently being built at Zwischenbächen in Zurich.

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